Integrating activities

The IRPWIND has a work package dedicated to facilitate, coordinate and align existing and planned national and European activities.  A set of activities are implemented to realize the ambition of IRPWIND to move from a collaboration model based on an ad-hoc participation in projects to collectively plan and implement a joint strategy. The partners involved in WP 2 have 3 different roles:
  1. Coordinator and secretariat (DTU), Denmark
  2. EERA Wind Sub-programme coordination (Coordinators: ECN, CENER, Fraunhofer IWES, CRES, Sintef and DTU). The role is to coordinate and manage each of the 7 EERA Wind Sub-programmes, including the reporting and planningprocess, development of strategy, to arrange workshops on specific scientific topics for the partners etc.
  3. EERA Wind Full Participants (Tubitak, CIEMAT, ForWind Oldenburg, University of Stratclyde, LNEG, CNR, ECN, CENER, Fraunhofer IWES, CRES, Sintef, DTU and future full participants in EERA Wind. The role: Only Full Participants are members of the Steering Committee of EERA JP Wind. They might represent a sub-set of Associated Participants. They must ensure national coordination towards their Associated Participants, and have a proactive role towards national SET Plan stakeholders, ministries, funding agencies, research councils etc.




Søren Siggaard Knudsen
Head of Administration
DTU Wind
+45 20 70 46 21
23 JUNE 2024