Teresa & Ariane joined the Mobility programme - hear their story 


How does the IRPWind Mobility programme help scientists in doing their scientific work in an international environment while at same time prioritizing family? Hear Teresa & Ariane tell their story.

Video with Doron Callies

Continuous call for the IRPWind Mobility Programme and video with Doron Callies

We are launching a continuous call for the IRPWind Mobility Programme.

Information on open call.

In the video you can hear about Doron Callies' of Fraunhofer Iwes experience with the programme. 

IRPWind derives from three key elements

IRPWIND derives from three Key elements:

1. Political Frame work
2. Market Status
3. Technology development                            For more infomation - click here

The ultimate goal of IRPWind

The Ultimate goal of IRPWIND is:

- to market for breakthrough innovations, and contribute to the ambitious European objectives for wind energy generation toward 2050.
23 JUNE 2024