A new database for European Wind Energy Projects

Thursday 09 Feb 17


Mattias Andersson
Senior Executive Officer
DTU Wind
+45 93 51 18 01


Neil Davis
Technical Lead for Wind Resource Assessment Applications (Special Consultant)
DTU Wind
+45 93 51 13 11

Visit the database and read more about it here

EERA JP Wind has just launched EuropeanWindEnergyProjects.EU, which is a database representing a comprehensive overview of wind energy research in Europe.

The database contains information about publicly funded research projects run by EERA JP WIND members. The database is also a good example of what EERA JP WIND is able to do. Moreover, it is a tool for assessing the state-of-the art of the research as well as for identifying relevant partners for projects.  

The database is a part of a wider initiative launched under IRPWIND to increase efforts on data management and open data. 
We have started a working group to develop a new comprehensible metadata and taxonomy for wind energy research that we hope will become the new standard for wind energy, and a working group under IRPWIND is looking at the opportunities for building better e-infrastructures for wind energy. 

25 MARCH 2023