Peter Eecen presenting

IRPWIND presentation by Peter Eecen

Monday 30 Mar 15


Martijn van Roermund
Advisor Wind Farms, ECN
M: +31 6 1045 4534

At the EWEA Offshore 2015, in Copenhagen, Peter Eecen (ECN) took the opportunity to present the Integrated Research Programme Wind (IRPWind) to the industry. In the 15 minute presentation at the Speaker’s Corner, he explained why it is essential for the European research community to strive for integration of research infrastructures, and how EERA JP Wind is planning to achieve this.

Mr. Eecen started off by explaining the mission of the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) and how it brings together 150 research institutes under the Joint Programme (JP) Wind umbrella. With the IRPWind project consisting of both integration and R&D-related work packages, the goal will not only be to inventory the available knowledge and facilities, but also to agree on a common strategy for the middle and long term wind research. The emphasis will be on the dialogue with the industry, to ensure alignment, says Mr. Eecen.

"Not only the industry should unite, but the research community should unite with them"
Peter Eecen, Programme Development Manager at ECN

After diving a little deeper into the content of each work package of the project, he concludes that not only the industry should unite, but the research community should unite with them. Only then we can maximize the impact of R&D and shorten the time to market of R&D efforts. IRPWind will continue to convey this message and further intensify EERA JP Wind’s link to the industry.