Mobility Programme

One major barrier to reach European Research Area (ERA) is the fragmentation of research activities, programmes and policies across Europe.


The Mobility Work package has the following objectives:  

  1. To ensure an efficient implementation of:
    - The Core Projects in the IRPWind; 
    - The research activity of other EERA Joint Sub Programmes (EERA JSP); and 
    - The EERA strategic action plan.

  2. To enhance the cooperation between research organizations involved in the IRPWind fill gaps in the European Research Area in the wind energy sector;

  3. To connect relevant National projects/Initiatives to the IRP Wind Energy core projects and generally to the EERA JP Wind Energy Joint Sub Programmes, keeping an eye to future emerging technologies and scientific topics; and   

  4. To conduct actions oriented to promote the concept of mobility of researchers as brain gain and to foresight and implement best practice schemes for enabling effective mobility within the European Research Area.

Status after one year with the Mobility Programme

After one year, the IRPWind mobility programme is taking off, gaining popularity. There is no doubt about the interest for the programme as we are receiving an increasing number of questions about rules and procedure for participation.

Looking back to the first 12 months of IRPWind, we have had 12 applications. Only one application was not successful, since it was aiming at an exchange with the USA.
The majority of questions that we receive concern the length of the grants. Currently, the duration of the mobility period can be of one, three or six months. Statistics for the first 12 months of the IRPWind mobility programme are:  


The preferred length is 3 months. The 6-month scheme has never been selected, which indicates that participants prefer short to medium-term stays. Interesting enough, an applicant indirectly applied for six months, as he wanted to spend two 3-month periods in two different institutions.




Anna Maria Sempreviva
Senior Scientist
DTU Wind Energy
+45 46 77 50 25

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16 JANUARY 2018