FAQs on who and how

Who is going to apply, the researcher or the organisations?

The researcher should apply in agreement with the home and host organization. The application must contain 2 letters of intent. One from the home institution and one from the host institution.

What will the grant cover?

Funding will cover:

  • A lump sum for travel expenses.
  • A daily allowance depending on the duration of the duration of the grant period.

The longer the period, the smaller is the daily allowance because a long-term accommodation would cost less than a short-term one.

Who will be reimbursed? The researcher or the research organisations?

The IRPWind Coordinator has allocated the funding for the mobility work package and will forward funding to the sending organization against invoice before the start of the grant.

Funding will be transferred to the sending organization for practical reasons e.g. to optimize funding avoiding monetary lost by multiple international fund transfer fees.

How will the funding for the grant be paid to the grant recipient?

The sending organization will issue the payment to the grant recipient according to the following procedure: travel expenses and 70 % of the total amount will be paid immediately. The balance will be paid at the end of the grant period after the approval of the reports.

The sending organizations will issue a declaration of conformity that the refunded sum conforms to the mobility financial rules.


Will the visits be only to research organizations inside the consortium or outside as well?

When specified in the calls, all organization members of the EERA JP Wind Energy and industry R&D actors can enter the funding scheme.

Can EERA JP Wind Energy members and industry R&D actors participate to the IRPWind mobility scheme as sending or host organizations?

Only in case of dedicated calls for applications, EERA JP Wind Energy members and,Industry R&D actors can participate in the mobility scheme at the same conditions as the IRP Wind Energy member organizations. This will likely (i) increase the cohesion in the EERA JP Wind Energy group including associated partners and (ii) give the possibility to integrate new innovative ideas that might come from the “outsiders”.

Is the mobility scheme aimed to educational purpose?

The mobility scheme is not for educational purposes but for strengthening the research in Europe. To be eligible, a scientist must be employed by one of the EERA JP Wind Energy members or be within the last two years of a PhD project.

Can the grant period be split in shorter periods?

The grant periods must be carried out continuously and the reports should be presented within 2 month from the end of the grant.



19 JANUARY 2022