Work package 8

This project proposes solutions and a roadmap

- for coordinated steps to transformation of the energy supply system. Besides the sustainable and well-coordinated grid extension and expansion on European level, the economic and reliable operation of the future supply system needs to be supported by new system services from wind power plants due precise and high performance forecasts. The future power system with high wind power penetration requires that the electricity markets change to facilitate grid and market integration of wind power. New approaches to power trading are needed, as well as market products better aligned with wind power characteristics, and better integration of power forecasting into market operations.

The specific research needs identified have resulted in the definition of the following scientific and technical objectives:

To enable the operation of clusters of wind power plants (WPPs) as close as possible to conventional power plants,
To optimize wind power forecasts to assist the power system operators (TSOs) by reducing the need of added reserves and increasing the value of wind power,
To prepare the grounds for the future successful participation of wind power plants (through WPPs using optimized forecasts) in electricity markets, promoting competition and reducing wind energy costs.


Kurt Rohrig
Deputy Director. Division Director Energy Economy and Grid Operation at Fraunhofer-Institut für Windenergie und Energiesystemtechnik IWES
26 JUNE 2022