Work package 6

Design of offshore wind farms

The objective is to accelerate the design optimization of wind turbines and support structures for offshore wind farms, through validation of integrated design models and actual safety margins, and subsequent development of methods and design criteria. The validation shall consider both bottom fixed and floating wind turbines, and use measurement data of loads and response of tower and support structures together with the met-ocean conditions. Measurement data are expected made available from pre-existing datasets including both full-scale field measurements from offshore wind farms and measured data from scaled
laboratory experiments. Based on the data sets, design models can be validated and the actual design conservatism quantified. Activities include assimilation of measurement data, benchmarking of available limited scope or integrated design models and further development of the models. Incorporation of wind farm and wind turbine control systems for load mitigation and minimization of unwanted swings and motions, as well as increased energy gain, are suggested part of the model development.


John Tande
Director NOWITECH. Senior Research Scientist / Research Manager at SINTEF Energy Research
26 JUNE 2022