FAQs on who and how

Who is going to apply, the researcher or the organisations?
The researcher should apply in agreement with the home and the user or access provider organisations.

Who might apply for the Joint Experiment Grants?
A consortium of at least three IRPWIND partners and EERA JP WIND member institutions, coordinated by an IRPWIND partner is the one of the requisite to create a proposal.
The EERA JP WIND members will participate in the consortium subcontracted by an IRPWIND partner in the same consortium. The subcontracting budget for EERA JP WIND participants will not exceed 60.000€.

What will the grant cover?
Funding will cover:

  • Cost of the infrastructures (bench rates or amortization proportional to the utilization during the experiments)

  • Man months exclusively dedicated to execute the experiment, considering all the tasks necessary to design, set and perform the experiment and man months related to data post-processing

  • Man month related to research activities will NOT be accepted

  • Materials and consumables for the experiments, including auxiliary items specific for the experiment

  • Expenses to organise a Final Workshop where the experiment and results will be presented to the EERA JP WIND community

  • Shipping of  specific equipment related to the experiment

  • Travel expenses to and from the experiment location for persons directly involved in the experiment

  • In the case of Open Data Set: Man month exclusively dedicated to create a data set from raw data from previous experiments

All above costs must be specified in the budget template.

Who will be reimbursed?
The organisations members of the consortium will be reimbursed for the eligible expenses incurred during the experiment.

How will the funding for the grant be paid to the grant recipient?
The eligible costs incurred after the approval of the project and strictly related to the preparation, implementation and dissemination activities foreseen in the project, must be claimed in the yearly cost statement relative to the current IRPWIND period.

85% of the total budget will be paid in advance and 15% when finishing all activities and the corresponding final reports.

Is it mandatory to submit the proposal online?
Yes, it is mandatory.

Who will review the proposal?
The submitted proposals will be sent to the Coordinator of the EERA JP WIND Energy Sub-Programme “Research Infrastructures”, CENER.
CENER will appoint a panel of senior investigators that will evaluate and score all proposals. The final approval for selected applications will be issued by the Technical Committee.

How long will the evaluation process take?
The evaluation process will take approximately four weeks. Start of the Grant will be within 2 months from the approval.

Is there a time limit to perform the experiment?
The final reports must be issued within December 2017 to be submitted to the evaluation for the final approval.

23 JUNE 2024