WP 6.1

Design of offshore wind farms - Data assimilation

For validation of complex wind turbine models measurement data from scaled physical models or full scaled structures are needed. The more useful data are available for validation, the better the validated model will be to predict the behavior of the real structure. Therefore exchanging measurement data from different structures is useful and necessary for producing good results. So exchanging the data from the partners and their different measurement campaigns is a logical step to produce good working numerical models. Because the data of floating and bottom fixed wind turbines will differ from each other, they are treated separately.
To manage the huge amount of data, they have to be collected, analyzed, sorted, assimilated in a structured way and stored in a database. Therefore a suitable data structure has to be defined, both for exchanging the data between the different partners and installing a database, where the data will get stored. A structured database will fasten and simplify an automated treatment of the data.

The overall objectives of WP 6.1 are:

1. Definition of a suited exchange format and installation of an exchange platform
2. Coordinated collection of the analysed and sorted data of floating wind turbines
3. Coordinated collection of the analysed and sorted data of bottom fixed wind turbines

6 JULY 2020